Minolta Weathermatic Dual 35

Anyone have or know anything about one of these? I found one at a Goodwill for $6 with its case and accessories. It looks to be in great shape. Needs a battery obviously. I seem to recall they were from the late 80s/early 90s and designed for limited underwater use.

For that price, it may be a decent cheap camera to use trying for shots in bigger waves when sea kayaking. My digital camera isn’t an expensive one, but isn’t waterproof either so stays in the Pelican case/drybag on the deck when conditions are the most fun.

I used one for many, many years.
It was reliable and would take very good pictures IF the light was good and IF one used better than basic film. However, when you factor in the cost of film and developing, you won’t save compared to a waterproof digital camera.

Thanks for the info
That’s kind of what I figured with the cost of film and processing and those lithium 223 batteries.

Still, I’m not out much out of pocket for it yet and am doing the math to see if it may be better just to return it for the $6 credit.

I don’t have the manual and can’t find one online to download for free. Most of those auto P&S cameras need certain ASA film. Do you recall if it is 100, 200 or 400?

Weathermatic Dual
Dear ayornamut,

The camera can use 100, 200, or 400 film. It has limited automatic exposure settings but it works well.

I have a one and I have the manual if you decide to keep it and need to know anything more about it. I used to use mine alot when I was float tubing and fishing. My brother and I would toss it back and forth to each other and it never acted up once.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

Note to waterproof camera owners
Foam straps are available. I have and Olympus 750SW and 1030SW waterproof cameras and both have foam straps attached. I call them camera PFD’s.

A camera may be waterproof but if dropped in the water deep water w/o protection, it’s no longer available.

One is from Olympus and the other is a ‘Chums’ brand. I clip a carabiner to the strap and attach to my PFD.

Thanks for the info!
Thanks, Goobs.

I may just keep it even though it appears the battery will run around 10 bucks.

I’ll get a decent wp digital one at some point, but the one I got on sale at Office Max clearance for $60 3 years ago seems to be holding up well enough in the Pelican/dry bag arrangement. I just can’t use it for more action oriented shots in heavy stuff.

Any chance you can scan the relevant operations parts the manual? I would much appreciate it. It seems simple enough to use from the external controls.

try this link

Scanning the manual
Dear ayornamut,

I’ll scan the important parts of the manual this weekend and send them off to you.

I forgot to say that the camera floats. That’s nice should you drop it. I used to just have mine sitting in the casting apron on my float tube because if it fell off I’d notice it floating around.

I have a Stylus 8010 now but the floating strap for it is too bulky to easily carry in my fishing chest pack so I don’t use it a whole lot.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

Thank you, again, Goobs!
That is interesting to know that it floats. I did not suspect that. However, that could come in useful in a pitching sea in case I need to throw a brace quickly!

I have treated the battery and back compartment seals with a very thin application of my own mix of a little laboratory Apiezon vacuum grease/303 Protectant to enhance their waterproofness and flex. Should be interesting to try to use it.