MIOX purification?

Saw a MIOX (MIxed OXidants) water purifier this weekend at the Iowa Paddlefest. About the size of a small flashlight, works by adding salt to water, and then electrically charging the water, creating mixed oxidants. A small amount of this water is then added to the drinking water and the oxidants supposedly kill bacteria, viruses, and cysts in the water.

Looks like it’d be a handy method of purification in the backcountry as there’s no pumping involved, and it doesn’t take up much room. Does anyone have any experience with these units? How well do they work?

Takes too long
I also backpack and there is no way I am going to carry water 8 hours before I can drink it. I usally carry enough to get to the next water source. If I have to carry that much water in a kayak it defeats the purpose of having something light an small. I will use a PUR Hiker filter or iodine (polar pure)depending on the trip. I always carry polar pure iodine crystals in my emergency kit because filters fail.


You don’t really have to wait 8 hours…
The “official” time is actually 4 hours and MSR uses the worst case scenario to protect themselves legally. Your water is completely purified in 15-30 minutes. The 8 hour wait is only for Chrypto (I think that is correct) which is uncommon. The same time holds true for any chemical treatment. I have never waited more than 20 minutes.

I recently got some of Khatadyn’s (no idea if that is the right spelling) purification tablets. The are the same chemical compound (Chlorine Dioxide) as Aqua Mira. I think this is a great product.

20 mins ok
I wait 20 mins. with iodine so that seems ok. I have not tried chlorine dioxide yet but seems it would taste better than iodine. I read that the chlorine dioxide wait was 4 hours so I have been reluctant to try it. I work at a research facility out in the woods that uses chlorine to treat the water supply, I will see how long we treat the water.