Mirage Kayaks

Got the web site from another topic but what a nice boat!There design of the rudder and peddles makes me think what other innovative ideas there are in the rest of there boat.Does anyone here have one or gotten the opportunity to try one.

I saw that and was
thinking exactly the same thing.


Mirage Rudder

There is no leading edge on their rudder so it will not steer the stern. What it will do is add drag to one side similar to dragging a paddle and thus tend to pull the bow around.

Not a very efficient system.

I think Dagger tried this on some of their boats…

Yeah, and it didn’t look like much
of that rudder blade actually reached the water, a lot of it seemed meant just to give an attractive side profile. They mention having interchangeable blades, perhaps those dip into the water further, and provide more of a leading edge down below.

It might be better to think of it as a trim tab or sort of a movable integrated skeg, rather than an actual steering device.


Probably why it’s so big

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Would still push stern over though - even if not pulling - so not just drag on one side - but does seem like it would create more drag in the process.

Rudders seem to be the rule down under.
Probably works well enough since turning a kayak isn't usually too hard.

The good news - these are too expensive to worry about. See them used on eBay once or twice a year. Many have battery bilge pump systems too. Real Luxury SUV setup.

Daggers system was very similar. I had a Sitka ,a

17 foot ten inch kevlar boat.The intergrated rudder

came in very handy at times , yet if you needed it

to track in a stiff wind , it could become tiresome.


Foot control
Can’t say much about the rudder itself. The one I tried used a different rudder but the same foot control mechanism. And I only paddled one for about 2 hours. Still, the foot control beats anything I tried in this country.

The bar/plate on the bottom half makes for a very comfortable and solid place to put my feet. No need to hunt for the peg when getting in (think re-entry). The rudder control on the upper half work much like the “gas pedal” kind.

Thats funny
I went to a kayak fitting clinic today at my local paddle club and one of the topics was moving the bulkhead back and using that as your foot brace .More surface area to place your feet to fit your needs .That will work for a skeg but I`ve got a rudder ,which brings me back to the Mirage, has anyone heard of an after market bar and peddle system similar.

Dagger ‘Flapper’ Style Rudder
Don’t think the ‘flapper’ style rudder is even close to performance of a wing rudder. Also, I have seen the ‘flapper’ with the pivot shaft back somewhat to give the rudders a leading edge. When they were experimenting with wing sailboat keels there were a number of wing rudders they played around with.


Mirage driver
Having owned a Mirage for a number of years now, my comments would be that it is no doubt one of the fastest “Sea Kayak” currently available in Australia. I have had a few different Kayaks over my time and the integral rudder creates no drag whatsoever. It not only handles well but thrives in bumpy off shore waters in cross winds but also performs in the surf and great for sailing.

Advantages are with the integral rudder it does not pick up seaweed like my other Kayak, does not bend when hitting a beach sideways on a rough landing, no need to retract rudder, fewer moving parts. The foot rests are very comfortable. Allowing for a good purchase when locking the thighs in a roll without putting any pressure on the rudder peddles themselves. As for the electric bilge pump… in Australia it is seen as part of the essential safety equipment in regards to off shore Kayaking.

The disadvantage… don’t go rock hopping, I use the plastic for that one.