mishapen kayak hull

I have been kayaking quite often lately, so I have been leaving my boat on my roof rack–to save time. We have been having extremely hot days lately. This morning I saw that the bow of my boat (Perception, Carolina 15.5, poly) had bent downward a few inches from where it met the roof rack. I have removed the boat and inverted it, hoping that it will repair iteslf, somewhat, in the sun. Will this help? Is there something else I should do to reshape the hull to its original shape? obviously, I’ll never leave it on the rack again.

the plastic has ‘memory’ and will regain it’s original shape given a little heat. The sun will work or you can speed things up with a hairdryer, just be careful…you can melt her.


Hot water
I use a bit of wood to push it outward. You might cut a length of old broomstick to fit. Then leave the boat in the sun or pour hot water on it.