Missing the point

Not me!
I’m not missing the point. I love being on the water. It’s where I find the strength and serenity to handle the harder parts of life. The friends I paddle with have become family. They aren’t family by blood, but just as important. The p.netters who have become my family are some of the most important and most loved people in my life.

Welcome to paddling.net.


I think he meant…
…that it needs a lot of tuning before he

tangles something like the Ocoee river.

What was the point of "letting him off"


If you don’t like reading this forum - then don’t. Nobody is forcing you to read our simetimes dogmatic attention to boat details, stroke use, best paddle angle, etc. However, we do so because this forum gives us the chance to share our passions, attention to detail, knowledge of, and experiences with a sport we all love and need to survive in this world without going postal.

If you don’t understand it, then don’t feel the need to participate. If you don’t agree, then by all means - participate.

If you didn’t like my earlier post - then post back to me instead of sending denigrating personal emails to me.

I am done with you.

true NM

welcome to the pnet forums
And website.

In case you haven’t noticed, people are pretty critical of posting in the appropriate forum and are pretty discerning regarding the posts. Don’t let that jade you, lots of good info here if you choose to use the forums.

Enjoy your time on the water.

Mr. Fulton
Welcome. Do not be discouraged. You will soon figure out this is a really great resource. You just have to accept that you will get some bad feedback along with what should be a dominant amount of good info. Don’t let a few monkeys throwing poop around the cage keep you away.



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I know I shouldn't but that made me chuckle. "Mr. Feelings". Really.

You should come over to the b&b board, your humor would be appreciated.

(I'm betting you received a nasty email)

this seems like a perfect thread
for Paddlers’ Place Discussion Forum

This post is your masterpiece. It raises the “wrong board” genre of posts to true art. :slight_smile:

I was getting the same nagging feeling
I don’t know where it came from

God Save the Queen…
…from politics!

You guys are being too nice
and should have sent him directly to B&B

Yer forgot canoos

No, it was a good subject. I may post
it for him on Paddlers Discussion Group.

But the most important thing of all:
Does a spearment loose it’s flavor on the bed post over night?



better living though gear
and technique.

isn’t that THE point?

does the bed post freshen your breath?

I think I get his point.

But I don’t think any of us loses sight of that on the water. We talk gear here, we enjoy the virtues of paddling on the water.

No, I think the original point was sound
and worthy of discussion, but several of us thought this particular forum, which is almost unavoidably equipment-and-technique oriented, was the wrong place. Why walk into a shop where everyone is talking technical issues, and tell them they shouldn’t be? But it is entirely possible that many of us put too much time into equipment and technique, and not enough into the paddling experience itself. Virtually all boats would be totally boring to me if there were not beautiful rivers, lakes, swamps, and oceans on which to paddle them. The experience, ultimately, is what we’re after. Not the toys.