Missing the point

I’m new to this forum but not new to kayaking and i can’t help but notice that alot of us seem to be missing the point. Useful information and advice are great but we seem to be forgetting why we kayak and canoe. I got into kayaking because i love the sport but just as important,i also love being on the water and enjoy the unique perspective that kayaking affords us. I’ve also met alot of very nice people who share these feelings and maybe that’s the most important thing of all. Vaughn Fulton

But this is the Advice Board…

The Discussion Board covers a broader range of topics…


True but ,
What he is saying IS good advice, and if so why does this type of advise not belong on the advice board ?

What’s the question?

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He's saying we give too much advice on the advice board?

And the real fun is on B & B

Ok…this is like posting to the New York Yankees message board and saying “I like baseball”.

Is there something you wanted advice on - or just trolling?


Listen, Mr. Feelings, this is the Advice
Suggestions and General Help Forum. It is not the place for the meritorious discussion you propose. We Have a Paddlers’ Discussion Forum for that, and you are welcome to show up there.

Who peed in your cheerios?..
…crabby old fart.

I’m trying to get a trip to the Ocoee going. Interested?

No, I don’t have big-enough float
bags in my open, and neither my kayak nor my c-1 roll have been sufficiently re-established. (Besides which I am in mediocre shape for an action-packed run like the Ocoee.)

We have a getting together and paddling forum for that!

So what is the point ?


My “point”…
… is none of you concern sir!

so whats the point of the advice board?

There are four points
look at the corners. But don’t touch.

Like telling a Missionary he needs to…
… spend more time in his hometown church!

I assume everyone here paddles because they enjoy it. Also that it’s a bit different for everyone. A rather personal experience, so I’m not concerned about sharing that aspect as it sort of goes without saying. That leaves the details of gear, technique, etc…

Welcome to P.net

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You goy off easy on this one. I suggest you stay completely away from the B&B forum...but if you feel brave...go for it...just don't say anything about the Queen, God or politics. The least said there the better and watch what you say.
Most of the posters are retired comedians but there are a few a__holes. Most of them are smart as a whip so grab your dictionary and...Come on down.
What you will learn is...there is no point.

It must be the wind and the rain…
We all seem a little touchy…

Me I spent all day on a jury and had to let him off… Grrr

Really, welcome to the boards, don’t let us scare you off…

Maybe we do get a bit lost in the detail
Everyone of us probably does it - we get a little bit too excited about a piece of gear, a technique, bow and stern tie downs, wearing a PFD. The passion and emotion is a great thing, but sometimes are like magnifying glasses. We take something really broad and focus on it too much until it burns. Sometimes that passion can come across as dogmatic.

I love a debate as much as the next person, but sometimes we should just shut up and paddle.

Maybe the “Advice, Suggestion, or General Help” in this thread is the kayaking equivalent of “don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers”.

you are telling me you cannot roll?? I do not believe that based on your posts. No way!

We do just shut up and paddle…

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... we just can't do that here!

Keystrokes here - paddle strokes there.

Simple enough.