Mississippi Maps

My husband & I are going down the Mississippi this summer and have been trying for 2 years to get the maps for the lower portion. Now they say they are coming out with new ones some time this summer. I’m afraid they won’t be here before we leave. Any suggestions for other map resources for the lower Mississippi? We have the Upper maps.



Same problem for the charts of the
Missouri River. I bought mine years ago but they are not available now. Good luck on your trip!

If you can’t find
If you can’t find a good map, you could resort to DeLorme Gazetteers. They offer very good detail on the Mississippi. I’ve used them for that purpose on a few trips.


try this site

mississippi maps
Thanks but Vicksburg is the location we’ve been dealing with for 2 years with no results. I suppose I could go to a faster computer and print out every page.

miss maps
we paddled the miss in 02 only making it to helena Arkansas cause we left too late in the year, then in 04 from Three forks montana to StLouis via the missouri then down to NOrleans on the Miss. … maps really arent needed at all… your not gonna get lost. we used highway maps just to show approx where the towns are… and never had a problem.

besides, the lower miss river charts are about 2’x3’ and over an inch and a half thick!! must weigh around 20 pounds…each page is only around a mile or two so youll be flippn pages every few minutes… ask me how i know :slight_smile: