Mississippi R, Lansing to Sabula ???


Looking for input from anyone who has paddled the Mississippi from Lansing, Iowa to Sabula, IL.

I’ve paddled from Wabasha, MN to LaCrosse, WI, and a friend has paddled from Wabasha to Lansing with a small group.

How is the camping in the section from Lansing to Sabula? Are there enough sanbars or islands to find campsites? There are some county parks along the way, do any of these have particularly nice campgrounds?

I’ve bicycled the Wisconsin side of the river down to Prairie Du Chien, and my impression was that there were not as many sandbars as above LaCrosse. Is this impression correct?

Thank you for your help.


bumping this once
Still looking for advice. This section of the river must not be paddled much?