Mississippi River Locks

Hey hows it going? Good Hope. Recently was inspired by a friend, and am planning on kayaking the entire Mississippi next May and June. Trying to get any info I can on the trip but having a hard time finding info on the lock system on the northern Mississippi. Tried to write up some people who have kayaked the whole river but had no luck. No return emails. Any info would be much appreciated. thanks and later on

hi …that same topic came up a short while ago…look thru archives for the convo thread on that…i believe some guy was gonna do the upper mississippi r. maybe another poster can remmeber the exact thread and help ya out. good luck

Mississippi threads
Using the search feature of this site I found the following most recent threads on the subject of “Mississippi”. There are probably a lot more if you care to search for them. Good luck and be safe!





Hey thanks for the Heads up on the archives!!

I will be leaving . . .
. . . Lake Itasca bound for Mile 0 first week in June. I think there be about 29 locks on the Upper Mississippi. A VHF radio will be handy to talk to the Lock Master. You can do without because there is a signal rope to signal the Lock Master.

More interesting is the stretch before Minneapolis, about a dozen or so portages.