Mississippi River Vicksburg to Natchez

Has anyone ever done a trip on the mississippi around this time of the year from vicksburg to natchez? A freind and I are planning a kayak trip around january 17 or sometime that week. We are planning on it being a two night trip but not sure on the river current this time of the year. Any advice, tips, or info would be greatly appreciated.

It was slow further up
We did a 66 mile trip starting in Hannibal,MO in late Sept. The dams were not letting much water through so there was little current to help. Now the Corps is reducing flow on the Missouri river too. You may find the same conditions further down.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.



The river at natchez was at 9 last week and is expected to be at 15 by next week so hopefully the current will pick up before long. Our trip will be 72 miles so its close to yours. How long did your trip take?

Water Level

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I did the Phatwater Kayak Challenge back in mid-October with a water level in Natchez of a little over 10 feet. The race was 42 miles and started in Port Gibson just a little south of Vicksburg. The current averaged about 2.5 mph. It was faster in some places and felt nonexistent in other places. A two day trip would be a nice paddle since it looks like it would be approximately 65-70 miles from Vicksburg to Natchez. Don't pay too much attention to expected water levels as they change quite a bit in a few days. The river bumped up from 9 feet to almost 14 feet two weeks before the race. It then proceeded to drop 3 feet over the five days before the race.


Hopefully the level
wont rise too much before then and there will still be a few sandbars to camp on. we’ll prob just take our time, maybe fish a little and relax on the way down. take up the full 3 days

firends have
got friends who have done the whole river.

get ahold of john ruskey the river man down that at quapaw canoe company…a legend.

go to facebook too for his site 'Lower Mississippi river Paddlers" many on there have more info than you will ever need

We took three days
We had hoped to have two 35 mile days but the best we did was 25 one day and 20 another. It was all experienced paddlers who have done similar mileages so it was optimistic but not overly so.

Good Luck & Enjoy the trip


Probably won’t be a problem. When I was on that stretch last, the water was at 22’ at matches and there was plenty of sand bars.

Ryan L.

You will not have to worry about finding a sandbar to camp on. There will be miles of sandbars where you are going. Even at higher water levels, there will still be plenty of sand.

Thanks for the feedback. Its looking like we will leaving vicksburg on friday jan 18 taking our time and getting to Natchez on sunday. Does anyone know of a place to leave your vehicle in vicksburg? I have family in Natchez and Vidalia but was hoping to leave a vehicle in Visksburg and returning to get it on Sunday

Local Knowledge
My cousin coordinates a lot of Natchez area activity.

I’m sure they’d be very happy to help you with any information you may need.

This is their site:


I am not that intimately familiar with Vicksburg, but check out the area in this link. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&ll=32.351461,-90.883927&spn=0.005338,0.010568&t=h&z=18 It has a boat launch and I believe public parking. It was the finish line for a kayak race I did earlier this year. It is about a mile from the Mississippi River. You may want to call someone (tourist information, visitor’s center) to ask if it is public parking. There is also a casino next to this that has plenty of parking, but you would need to check to see if they would allow a vehicle to be parked there over the weekend.