Mississippi river

My son is planning to canoe Mississippi river in 2006 from the headwaters to the delta. Can any one give him some advice. He is an experienced paddler. Any help will be apreciated.


The Corps of Engineers has charts
I think in 2 8.5 x 17 books. If you need to pick upsupplies I’ll help if I can I live near Winfield and Old Monroe MO. If the schedules right I’d paddle along for a day or so.



Mississippi river
1. Read Mississippi Solo: A River Quest by Eddy Harris, available used from Amazon.com

2. Have a look at this web site


Good Luck!

Advice available …
Much good advice is available right here on Pnet:

Go to archives

Use Missouri river, and Mississippi river as subject.

Search all threads, not just last month, or last year.

There is a wealth of information there, if you are willing to spend the time reading all of it.

Why check out the Missouri river?

Because many of the hazards on the Missouri river are the same that may be encountered on the Mississippi river.

Having paddled on both, I am of the opinion that two of the most important factors (after canoeing skills & common sense) on such an extended trip are planning & support.


…what first got me interested in paddling was

“Huckelberry Finn.” I read it as a child and

wanted to take a canoe trip down Ohio’s Great

Miami to the Ohio, and onto New Orleans!

I’m 55 now, and I know a trip like that would be damn near impossible.

6 or so years ago my wife got me a copy of that

book which had some sections added to it from

the original manuscript.

The story of the manuscript would make a great

intrigue novel: lost, found in an old trunk,


Anyway, I took the book with me on a solo camping

trip to the swamps just outside Picayune, Ms

where I used to camp a lot, and read it by camp-

fire with the fish jumping, animals prowling, and

all. Read until about 3 AM after stopping early

and setting up just so I could start reading it.

It’s a great read.

After I finished it, I lay in the tent most of

the rest of the night thinking, “Wouldn’t a trip

down the Great Miami to the Ohio and on to New

Orleans be a hoot?”

I 'spect that if you do a good enough job of

making a man out of a boy, you’ll still have a

lot of the boy left in the man!

From the bottom of my heart, I hope he does it,

and if he does, I hope he has all the fun I’d

have had plus all of his own.

Wish I could go with him.

The Miss
Hi, thats a link to my river journal above, that year i only made it to Helena Arkansas… i finished the river this year at the tail end of my paddle across the country. on that site there is a link to my 04 Missouri river journal (paddled from Three Forks Montana to New Orleans) which i wont get to finish till i return from the Appalachian trail later this year. (journal that is)

Minn DNR has free river campsite maps for the wilderness section (upper 400 miles) there are free canoe cmpsites every 8 miles or so

then there are the upper and lower river charts which sell for about $25 and $30 and are HUGE!!

one book that i enjoyed was “Floating down the country” by matthew mohleki-sp?

try a search for "canoeing the mississippi , “101 days on the mississippi” is a guide written by three school teachers who did the river in a 3 person wenonah back in 2001… good links there to the above maps

feel free to contact me if i can help any other way… ill be home for 2 more weeks before my thru-hike.

if you want to keep an live up to date online journal of your trip to share with others, checkout www.trailjournals.com its free tho donations are appreciated.

Ole Miss

river trip

My name is matt and I would like to canoe the mississippi river next summer also. How are the plans coming along? Any advice?