Mississippi River

A friend and I want to take a canoe down the Mississippi in a couple of years. Is this a realistic goal? Can it be done in 2 months? Also what canoe do you suggest? sorry for the newb questions.

some sites
Check the sites. Read some books.




yeah two months is doable. I have many friends who have done it including in a homeade raft. My friend bob hold the record in 18days all 2340 miles!

i will try and find emails so you can write my friends


Paddle to the Amazon
Check out Don Starkell’s book, “Paddle to the Amazon”. I don’t remember his time, but he did it with his two sons.

Verlen Kruger also paddled up it, as I recall.

Brothers for the River
Check their blog: http://brothersfortheriver.blogspot.com/

This is pretty current (fall '06)

contact info here
My good friend john rusky owns this river biz on the lower mississip…he knows the river and has paddled its entire length…

email him AND check out his website by typing in the name of the biz here under a search engine.

opps here is info here

here is info

Quapaw Canoe Company"


everybody paddles down the Mississippi
I like Chris Duff’s way:

paddle up!