Missouri Breaks shuttling ?

any expert information on finding or using a shuttle service or plan ?


We used Adventure Bound
http://adventureboundcanoe.com/ They were very good and as reasonable as you can get for a 200 plus mile shuttle if you go all the way to Kipp.

Also I’d strongly recommend Ma’s Loma Cafe East on hwy 87, great food , great homemade tortilla’s, bring a skillet they’re uncooked!

Enjoy it’s a beautiful area, especially the White Cliffs section.



is there a
bus route ?

what’s google say? NM

on busing ?
last I searched, busing was rare.

I wanted to try the experts.

Google’s software may leave out the insides of related sites where ‘shuttle services’ are mentioned. For example, a fishing lodge operator may shuttle but who would know ?

Looking for service on the ground sometimes you arrive at the local insane asylum. Experienced advice is a plus.

No busses, no towns, few roads
We put in at Woods Landing, in five days 100+ miles - we launched at a bridge, we passed under a bridge at Judith, and took out just below the bridge at Kip. There were also two ferries along the way. If there were more roads there wouldn’t be all the artifacts and isolation.

The hike at Neat Coulee is worth the trip!



Woods Landing

worked in an asylum
Experience states working on third shift was easier. My patients were sleeping, my bosses as well.

no bus for gods sake
Its remote…no bus. All shuttles are about the same price. Its a LONG F&^%& ways so its worth it. Mostly done by retired people in Ft. Benton. If you shuttled yourself…it would take ALL day, with two cars and a tank of gas each. Just do it.

are the
retired folk using their vehicles for a shuttle ?

its like
Texas but there’s more opportunity to be yourself

I don’t remember who we used
But we set up camp at Coal Banks and then met the shuttle driver and his vehicle in town and then took two vehicles to Kipp and rode back to Coal banks in his truck

Expensive but all day. It’s nearly 400 mile shuttle

expensive ?
what’s expensive ?

First Known Use of EXPENSIVE

circa 1610

involving high cost or sacrifice

They usually load up a 12-passenger van and pick up the 12 retirees once they take a dozen cars down there. They do this daily in the summer…there are a 1000 paddlers in there a summer.

Who are THEY ?
The van organizers.



It was some $350
You define expensive

Seems you have nothing better to do. Don’t you ever actually paddle anything except a computer?

350 ?

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awww XXXX ! my truck or theirs ? that's the catch 23.

local noise had costs up to $800 (most people here now are retarded)....high but with your truck not mine.

can you imagine loaning a Montanan your truck ?

Before I was sabotaged out of paddling the Lower Rio. Smart Mouth... who owns an oil well...said "what you do stupid is rent a car eg from XXXXXXXX then let the XXXXX drive the rental."

He said, "take the long barrel automatic."

Local market ! like renting a boat in Seattle... or anything in Seattle. I asked Mrs.Smith on the whats that river with the ungulate name in Arkansas ?

n she said '150' el cheapo !

yeah so who paddles The Breaks ? Gas Farmers probably.

No, I'm in prep. Today we wire a car horn under the roof rack plus ground wires for the Coon Roasters

We're waiting out a thunderstorm....

we thought you needed a clue

Insurance Matters
Unless your insurance company allows strangers to drive your vehicle you’ve got a problem. Retired guys normally don’t carry full coverage commercial vehicle insurance just in case someone wants a car shuttled.

There’s a shuttle service here that services the Colorado River. They aren’t insured.