Missouri River 340 Postponed

Until August 24th. But all of you that were doing it already knew that didn’t you.

It was probably the right call given checkpoint and river access (or lack of due to current flood levels) But @$#%#^ nevertheless.

How’s that ruddered Shockwave
working out? I’ve heard that it’s a real beauty.

The boat
I am very pleased with the boat. Three thumbs up. Although the shockwave is somewhat old school its still a fast cruiser and very comfortable over the long haul. Shes set up to be double or single paddled and even allows for semikneeling. She came in a littler heavy than I wanted for racing (I had choices on lay up and maybe shoulda ordered the lightest wt one rather than midwt). But the reality is the tougher lay up is more appropriate for the rocky streams I paddle most on (as opposed to a lighter weight but more delicate boat).

you gonna make it in August?
I’d like to check out that Shockwave

I think so
Cap’n- its looking like everything is gonna fall in place. Not 100% sure just yet but I think I’ll be there.