Missouri River : From the Mississippi to

Anyone paddled any or all of this?Basically from St.Louis,Mo. to Williston,N.D.Especially interested to hear about paddling upstream,on the river and also the big water reservoirs/lakes.Thanks. Dave

yeah me
Me in 04


I sent you a detailed email so check your box


good site if you haven’t seen it to fool around with http://www.missouririverpaddler.com/

this guy
has paddled the entire Missouri and Mississippi but not upstream. He does give some good info on some of the larger reservoirs - ans some good pictures.


This is a little late
but by going upstream you are not only going against the current but also against the prevailing winds for a large part of the trip. :frowning:

when i did the trip in 04 i was out for 185 days and the wind blew every day but 9 days total and it didnt matter that i was facing to the west, it blows all 360 dgrees sometimes in the same hour. get to know the wind, be its friend, become one with it, accept it, or you will go mad