Missouri River???? please help

Does anyone know anything about paddling on the Missouri in North Dakota? Myself and a friend of mine live in Minot ND and were wanting to paddle maybe 100 miles down the river and were just curious to find out where the best place to put in near minot would be. If anyone has any insight i would be thrilled to find out.

thanks a lot

N. Dakota dosnt exist accord to Pnet.
If you look at places to paddle here on Pnet…N. Dakota is the ONLY US state not listed even though it has thousands of miles or paddle routes including the 1500 mile shoreline of Lake Sacagawea.

North Dakotans!!! Its time to revolt and start a revolution. Tell Pnet after how many years?; that you exist!!

hey i sent you an email on the missouri, check your box

why the missouri?
Why the Missouri, particularly? Unfortunately, you live in the part of the country where they drowned the Missouri long ago under multiple water impoundments, and from what I’ve heard even the parts between the dams are heavily influenced by the dams release schedlues (or lack thereof). You might get more enjoyment by picking some other, smaller streams that run free. Or maybe head to your west to the headwaters of the Missouri - I’ve heard parts of that are very nice.

Caveat - I’m just going by hearsay here, I’ve never spent any time in that part of the country. I may be wrong, and in fact I hope I am. Most of what I know (or think I know) comes from some anti-dam environmentalist friends and publications, and I guess they could be biased. But what I’ve heard is pretty sad, enough so that I’ve signed petitions to have the dams removed, however hopeless that dream may be.