Missouri River Trip - Advice Needed

I’m writing from Australia.

I’d like to fulfil a dream of canoeing down the Missouri River from Three Forks Montana to St Louis.

I’m thinking of buying a canoe with small outboard somewhere near Three Forks to then spend the summer months paddling downstream.

I’m keen to hear from anyone that has done the same and/or anyone that can advise me of the right equipment to buy, where to buy it and anything else that I should consider to make the journey a success.

Thank you

Robert B

a very good guide to the trip

Robert Email me
I live close to the start and have paddled the WHOLE river. I have ton of info so email me and we will discuss all the options when you contact me.

I will be gone in a couple days for a week…but you can email me before with some basics


David Millers Book : "The COmplete Paddler: Paddling from Three Forks to St. Louis would be your best bet for books and a ton of info.

You will definately need
that small outboard. There are some large (150+ miles) impoundments on the Missouri and they can be windy at times. You will have to portage around the dams too, the first one at Ft Peck shouldn’t be to much of an obstacle though. It is going to be a long ways between re-supply locations and water may be a problem too.

Missouri River trip
Get Dave Millers book. Very detailed almost mile by mile account of the entire river. And contact paddletothesea; the journals are well written and very informative.

My son and I are going the last two weeks of June; Ft Benton to James Kipp by kayak.

Also check out the Bureau of Land Management web site at http://www.blm.gov/mt/st/en.html for info on the Upper Missouri and see the Wilderness Tripping message board on this site.

There are a number of outfitters listed on the BLM web site where you could rent or purchase a canoe or kayak and all the equipment you’ll need.

See ya on the river


Thanks for prompt replies guys
What a great site,I’m getting some great links and advice.

I can’t wait to leave the job and get on the water.