Mitchell Leader Double Bend paddle?

Anyone use the Mitchell Double Bend Leader?

If you have, please give some feedback.


Love it.
I’ve paddled with a "52 for four years. It’s one of my favorite paddles. Light weight, nice feel…

Get a paddle sock or paddle bag for it if you end up with one.


Have Been Using…
one for a few years now. Love it!! Nice and light and the double bend makes it easier on my shoulders. If (when) it breaks I’ll get another!

have been using them tandem
for three or four years now…they are pretty versatile (we do tandem FreeStyle with them) but the concave shape makes slices hard to gauge.

Similar, but different
I have a Bell VooDoo w/straight shaft (made by Mitchell). The combo of cedar and CF make for a very light stick that has a solid catch. Very quiet too.

And I agree: A paddle of this quality deserves a sock at the very least. I keep mine safe in a Frost River paddle sack.


Thanks for the feedback.
I’m very tempted. I’ve been using a Zav bent for the last couple years and like it a lot, but the ergonomics of the double bend Leader are very alluring.

I believe it comes down to
whether one prefers a predominantly wood or a synthetic paddle. I believe the Zav has a rounder shaft, which I personally do not like.


Mine is a blem that I got at the shop for well under the going price. The blem was just where the blade met the shaft. These folks are fantastic! They fit me into the perfect size paddle, 50" for me, gonna be a 48" in a few years as I shrink! I ended up buying 4 paddles in half an hour and the double bent was a spur of the moment! I have used this paddle in all waters, class III to flatwater and it is amazing. Go for it, you won’t regret it.


Surface area of blade
The Mitchell has a blade face with more surface area then the Zav. Unless you’re racing, the Mitchell is a great medium sized face for crusing, touring, etc. If racing primarily, less is more.