Mitchell Surreal: Anybody got one?

Anybody that has a Surreal and can verify blade dimensions? As far as I can tell it’s either 8x20.5 or 8.25x21.

As an aside, to all paddle makers: Please list your blade dimensions at the very least so that we can order our paddles based on shaft length and not OAL. I was so PEAVED when I got my Whiskey Straight to find out the blade was actually 2" shorter quoted everywhere. Effectively made my shaft 2" longer than I wanted.

If you measure to from the tip of the blade to where the carbon ends it’s 21.5; but that’s just where the blade meets the shaft.

I’ve got one sold through Bell and just measured it and can verify the blade is fully 8.25 (mine maxes at 8 and 3/8) and it’s 21 inches long from tip to there the carbon ends which is at the top of the throat where the shaft is fully round.

I glanced at the Mitchell paddle sizing info and personally I would not follow their recommendations since they seem to recommend super long paddles. I’m between 6’ and 6’1" and my 58" Surreal fits well.

Have you contacted Whiskey Jack about your paddle? I would assume that a reputable (and premium) manufacturer would replace your paddle at no charge if you ended up with the wrong length due to misleading info on their end.

Thanks guys
Appreciate the measurements.

As for Whiskeyjack, wellll, I just didn’t figure it worth my time to send it back. They did offer to “make it right,” however. But it had been calligraphed with my initials and already had shaft dings just from light knocks around the house (on the day it was opened). I use from 34-36" generally, so it would suit a portion of my paddling anyway. And to be honest, I’m not all that smitten with the way it paddles to begin with. Underwater recoveries aren’t smooth, as aforementioned the blade area is small, and the humped shoulder is horrible if you ever have to paddle through weeds/grass (catches).