Mix and Match Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar with Yakima BaseLine Towers Foot Pack ?

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I understand this may be a better question to send specifically to Yakima and Thule, but in case that process does not go smoothly, here is the question I have. I figured someone here may have some good experience/knowledge of this (I tried some initial searching, but my question is too specific):

I currently have a dodge dart with the following installed:

1.) J-Rack: Thule Hull-a-Port Pro Rooftop Kayak Carrier (Can use t-slot mechanism)
2.) Fit kit: Thule 1667 Fit Kit for 480 Traverse and 480R Traverse Foot Pack
3.) Foot pack: Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack 480R
4.) 53" Bar: Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar

  • The cross bar uses t-slots for accessory install (j-rack)

I am planning to trade it in and get a used 2nd gen Volt, so I’m trying to determine how much of this system I can re-use. I assume the fit kit and foot pack are useless in the new car., but I’m hoping to at least be able to salvage the Thule Aeroblade bar (it’s only 3" difference from the one I found for the Volt kit below) and the Thule J-Rack that also uses the t-slot.

The only brand I could find with a fit for the 2nd Gen Volt is referenced in the link below. I found the following for the Chevy volt 2nd gen (i.e. 2016), but it’s a Yakima solution:
https://www.autoanything.com/roof-racks/yakima-streamline-roof-rack-system ( I selected the jetstream bars).

1.) Cross Bars: Black 50" JetStream Crossbars
-this also uses t-slots it looks like…

2.) Fit Kit; BaseClip 137 (B84-5) && BaseClip 126 (B38-5)

3.) Foot pack: 4 Pack - BaseLine Towers - Install manual for this is here: https://b.cdnbrm.com/images/info/yakima/baseline.pdf


Anyway, basically I just want to know if I can connect the Yakima BaseLine Towers with the “Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bar”? Looking at the manual, it’s hard to tell if those towers will connect well with the bottom tracks/slot of the aeroblade… I suppose I could call Thule or Yakima to see if they might know, or maybe I just get the towers and new fit kit for them and give it a try… Any suggestions/tips are appreciated.

Thank you!

You’re not the first to ask this question (well, maybe you are on this site). I looked at etrailer.com, and found somebody had asked the same question. Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no. Sorry! The resale value is generally decent on racks though. You shouldn’t have much trouble selling the 480Rs and the bars, as they fit a lot of vehicles. That 1667 fit kit will be a little harder, as it only fits 2015-17 Chrysler 200 4 drs and 2013-2016 4 dr Darts. I’ve sold more obscure fit kits on ebay though, so you never know. Good luck!

Thule and Yakima do not play well together as far as the cargo bars/towers go. Carriers, more universal fit.

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