Mixing it up with motor boats

I was at Lake Taneycomo in Branson MO this week. It is fed by a dam that current flow depends on how many flood gates they open. Sometimes the current is very fast.The people with motor boats power up stream to the dam and float back. The motor boats need to be up on plane to get through shallow areas and are moving right along sometimes. Most kayakers put in at the dam and float back. Some are fishing some aren’t. The water temp even in the summer is only around 54 degrees. I was surprised how many people did not have PFD’s on! It was foggy and none of the kayaks had any lights of any kind. It looked like an accident waiting to happen. Be safe out there wear your PFD and have lights if circumstances warrant them.


Bright colors help and always carry and air horn around power boaters.
I would avoid a place like that altogether. I have had a close call with a power boat.

I always wear a PFD and at those temperatures I would at least wear some kind of wet suit. With those water temperatures there is a real risk of the involuntary gasp reflex which can be fatal if your head is under water.

Given all of the circumstances I wold limit paddling to above the dam, if possible, on a busy day.

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