MLD Circus Tent

Well, it ain’t a MSR Pavillion, but it comes close. Appears to be a good deal at $500, but it is not large enough to act as a garage.


Not Good For Wind

– Last Updated: Jan-04-11 12:14 PM EST –

Its a nice looking design but IMO the sil-nylon material is just too light for a large structure like this. They pretty much confirm this in the product description:

"Perfect as group or institutional lightweight shelter. For 3 season outings 5-8 would fit it Ok for space with 6 or 7 being perfect In snow conditions then reduce the total by one or two to allow more room for gear, etc. Note That This Is About As Large A Tent Possible With Silnylon That Is Strong Enough In Moderately Strong Wind But You Will Need To Take Reasonable Precautions And Stake It Well And Pick Campsites That Are Not Overly Exposed To Very High And Sustained Wind." ..... sounds like its a "No-Go" for Assateague!

I called MSR last year and talked with them about the popularity of the Pavillion. This was just after a used one had sold on eBay for over three times the original cost. The Sales Rep told me they were well aware of the desire and high value of used Pavillions, but in the end had no plans to bring the design back.

My plan is to take my Pavillion to a awning maker and have them sew up a few custom one off's for me.

Looks like Outfitter Wing is back

… but only available directly from MSR. I wonder why they brought that one back but not the Pavillion.

Hmmmmmmmm…I didn’t read the
description and caveats. Thanks for pointing that out Topher. Sure is a mystery why MSR will not offer direct-to-consumer if there is a desire for this product. I sure have fond memories of not freezing at Assateague under Tom’s.