MN canoe registration

Need an address so I can register my canoe in Minnesota so I can take it to the BW this late spring and summer. I could get a Missouri sticker (MO doesn’t require one for canoes - technically under 17 feet FYI), but MO uses lots of number stickers and MN, as I understand it, uses a single sticker which would not be quite as ugly on the canoe. I must be hitting the wrong key because I don’t seem to have any luck on the net. Thanks.

Looked At My Registration Card
Here’s what it has listed:

MN Department of Natural Resources License Bureau

Box 26

500 Lafayette Road

St. Paul, MN 55155-4026

Do you have to have it registered
for out-of-staters to use their canoes in MN?

Believe so. Has to be reg somewhere,
either in your own state or another, but has to be registered.

Most states have requirements for BIG UGLY LETTERS AND/OR NUMBERS. MN has a nice little sticker.


I hope to sneak an unregistered run this
summer, in honor to Georgia’s policy of allowing Minnesotans to paddle here free. The reciprocity policy is twisted. It basically says, if you have been mugged in your home state, you don’t have to be mugged in Minnesota. At least Ohio dropped reciprocity, and I have paddled Ohio streams without registering there or anywhere.

I Agree, But…
…figure the $12 or $15 (cant remember the exact cost) every few years is cheaper than a possible fine. Don’t think it’s likely to change, probably enforcement going to be more srtict with the BWCAW bordering Canada. WW

Thanks. As always, “You done me good”.

mn registration

call 888 646-6367 they will direct you to where you need to go in your area

you might want to check into the state where you plan to register your craft… reason being in summer of 02 i went to register my new canoe here in Pa and they wanted to charge me 7% tax on the purchase price since it was new and bought out of state (in DE where there is no sales tax). Pa wanted 105.00 in tax!! plus the 15.00 a year fee… least i think it was only good 4 a year

I flipped Pa off and registered in Ohio where i was headed for a training paddle on the ohio . Ohio wound up costing like 13.00 for 3 years and no tax!

you can always use yourname @ C/O general delivery at blah blah post office on the registration papers

Don’t Know About Minnesotans…
…but out-of-staters ony pay the small licensing fee for a MN canoe “Tag.” And MarkK is from MO, so I know the MN fee is less than he’d pay for the MO fee. Plus, in MN, out-of-state canoes registered in their own state, and any canoe or boat in MO has to have the the big letters on each side of the bow. More cost effective for us to get a MN license than MO for taking our trips into the BWCAW. BUT, you got a good point. With the canoe I had registered in MO years ago I DID have to pay sales tax. WW

I wouldn’t risk the BWCA

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but I'll bet I could boat the St. Louis with impunity. (I had written "St. Francis" when I posted earlier.)

Anyway, if I had to, I would register in Ohio to get reciprocity and a smaller sticker. Anything but give money to Minnesota or any other state which penalizes those who come from free states!