MN - Cloquet River

I’ve paddled the Cloquet below Indian Lake to Island Lake and have the river map from DNR. The map has no info about the river above Indian Lake. Has anyone paddled or camped on the upper portion of the river and can you advise on access, put ins, camping sites etc? Thanks, Frank

No info???
This is what the 2007 version of the Cloquet River map says as well as the DNR website info on the Cloquet in the route description text…

“…The uppermost 32 miles (from Katherine Lake) are not regarded as canoeable because it is steep, dangerous, and rarely has enough flow for feasible paddling.”

another option
you could also do the st. louis river if you want a similar trip. i’ve paddled the entire stretch from the headwaters at seven beaver lake to duluth, and found it to be a fun, challenging trip. if you aren’t comfortable in class III whitewater you could paddle anything from the start to where the cloquet river joins the st. louis near hwy 2, or even to the city of Cloquet before the whitewater really starts up.

My brother ventured up the Cloquet above Indian Lake on snowmachine this winter. We may try it in canoes this spring if the water is above normal like expected. Hey ZZZ I think you gave me some advice about getting into Seven Beavers last year. Advice was good and right on. We went in the beginning of Sept and did a lot of walking up the river. The lake was all but choked with wild rice. Satisfied our curiosity though. From there we went over and spent a few days on the Superior Hiking Trail - what a treasure! Frank

I do not know. but it is beautiful.

I would like to paddle there. Close enough to Duluth