Mo. elk river

My mother lives close to the elk river and was wondering, if anyone had paddled it and what they thought about it. its a eight hour trip for me when i go to visit and like to mix a lil recreation and exercise with the painting and house work i do while at moms.

Elk river review
I live in NW Arkansas and have paddled the Elk several times. It can be a nice trip. there is some current but nothing above class 1. In the summer the section from pineville to Noel is crowded with a flotilla of canoes. The section from Noel to the Oklahoma border is less crowded. And for any other season other than summer or late spring you will essentially have the river to yourself.

thanks for the reply. mom lives in bentonville and my sister in neosho mo. so i get down that way a few times a year and will give it a shot.

War Eagle river
the war eagle river just east of bentoville is another nice paddle. The trip between Gar hole and war eagle mill is about 6 or 7 miles and is another easy trip with nothing over class 1 rapids. There is usually no one on this river except for occasionally a fisherman. If you go east out of Rogers on highway 12 to the little town of Best and then take the first right turn onto a dirt road you will end up at gar hole after about a mile and a half (there’s a low water crossing there). Another nice paddle is the white river below beaver dam. Put in right below the dam and paddle to the houseman boat ramp (about 5 miles)

war eagle
ive been to war eagle mill a few times . and below the dam once on foot never w/ a boat but it sounds like with a partner you could probably paddle both in a day.