MO river 340 race

Im considering doing the event next year with a couple friends. Im looking for any basic info, stories, thoughts, what you do to train for an event like this, anything that would help us learn more about it.

A little backround… we are all younger 20 something guys in better than average shape. we all play recreational sports and are weightlifter/bodybuilders.

we have paddled ALOT in the last 7ish years since ive been into the hobby. This year I got heavily into motorcycling and only paddled about 250-300 miles this summer. in the last several years before this one I was 600ish miles a year in my kayak. every weekend year round for 15-20 miles. We paddled smaller ozark rivers in missouri, all over the state. pretty much all class one and 2. our typical day trips are 20 ish miles. When we take 3 day paddling/camping trips 25ish+ miles a day is the norm since we have all day and dont have to drive to/from the river.

We have never paddled a ‘large’ river like the Mo or Miss… we are more intrested in smaller quieter more ‘desolate’ places to get away and relax. well 7 years of getting away and relaxing has us itching to test our abilities and go for more. whats the difference in paddling the big rivers as opposed to what im used to? would we be in over our heads?

What should we do to train for this event? just try and get alot of miles in at a quick pace and build farther and faster is the only thing I can think. Could some first timers be able to finish (dont expect to place but of course wed rather not get embarrased lol)

my boat is a 14’5 old town dirigo recreational style… and my partner in crime paddles a 12.5’ carolina rec boat. neither have a rudder. they are perfect for what we do, but is either to small to be safe on a large river?

thoughts on the boats, our abilities, and any general info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading my long winded post :slight_smile:

I would read and ask questions on their web site

Bob your welcome to join us
to get experience on the big rivers around STL. We do several scheduled trips each year, and lots of pop-ups on the MO and MISS. Several of the local 340 racers paddle with us sometimes and a couple of our regular members are starting to take a strong interest in the racing side. Our clubs Yahoo group is;

You don’t have to be a club member to join the Yahoo group. Several of the racers and others of us are also members of Missouri Whitewater another great local group.