I’m lazy. Will someone tell me if there is mobile version for this new-fangled .com site; and if not, how do I make it more mobile friendly? What is popping up on my android just isn’t working for me and is a reason not to bother looking.

works fine for me on my Android phone

I can never login in after putting in password multiple times and having the other half try it too.

Actually there is no reaction from the log in box when you log in. With my Android phone, I have to log in twice and the second time, down the page on the left hand side “Forums” appears. Click on it and you’re in; then you can bookmark the forum page.

Well, I just tried getting on with my phone. I did not have the forum page bookmarked and apparently didn’t have the website bookmarked either. So I clicked a new tab, ordered up; the website came up and since I am already registered, I tapped “log in”. This brings up the page with your name, rank and serial number. The “forums” label is just to the left in red.
Now I even have the forums page bookmarked.

Nope, still not working. I get “invalid email or password” message, no matter whether I try with my email or with my username (Peter-CA). Tried different capitalization, in case that matters. No big deal - use my computer most of the time. Much easier to read and navigate.

I cannot login from my phone either.

I never log in, except to post or reply to a question on a forum; and then I log out. Maybe that is the problem with my mobile view. Perhaps I need to be logged in. But that isn’t going to happen. Oh well, like this thread, my interest in this site will wither away.