mod a kayak

does any one now how to remold a poly kayak I am wanting to change the foot rests thay are molded in the kayak I want to either cut them out and replace that section or I want to remold the plastic any advise would be great

oh I want to do this because it puts my legs to sleep thanks


I assume you got some sort of a sit on top. dont even think of it. buy something that fits you better. you can try and i bet the result is gonna be an unsafe hackjob that you won’t wanna use and nobody else will wanna buy.

Sell it to some unsuspecting person and buy some other kayak that fits.

You can also…
get some foam rubber blocks and place them under you thigh. They’ll also help serve as bailing sponges. Try that before you start hacking on your Yak.

Had the same problem in my Loons way back when, Got the foam blocks, put them under my thighs just in front of the seat and problem solved.

Check out the sit-on-top kayaking links at

Specifically, look at;photo_height=-1;photo_width=-1

That may help you.

OTOH, it may also be something about your paddling technique and your foot positioning… I’ve never had a problem in any of our 4 SOTs, but on long paddles (several hours) I find my feet going to sleep in my SINK every so often. For the Eclipse, I just put me feet straight out in front of me for a while and things improve -and I recycle that way every hour or so… You may be doing sonething while you paddle it place a lot of pressure on one part of your foot, and that may be contributing to the foot problems…

But I would most wholeheartedly agree with prior posters: no thermoplastic heat- or saw-unduced mods. Add-ons? OK. Pads? OK

But do NOT bend, fold, or mutilate you boat. It will not only subsequently be a a difficult strange hunk of plastic to sell if you so desire, but it will in all probability be an unsafe, and unpleasant, boat to