Moderately priced women's dry suits?


Based on info gathered from the very recent DrySuits thread, I ordered an Extreme model from NRS. But I don’t seem to find something similar for my wife. The ones for women listed on their website do not have “feet”. She is certainly worth the $1000 models of the other brands, but I am afraid that she has such an aversion to cold, that cool weather kayaking even if dry will not be her thing. Is the solution to buy a smaller men’s suit?


women have booties
not feet

What are you looking for?
Did you rule out the Women’s Kokatat Tropos? It seems to be generally available for $325 to $380; and it includes feet and a relief zipper. I got this one for my wife for Christmas. I’ve been disappointed that I haven’t found as good a deal for me.

the only difference between the
two that I’ve seen is the difference between the male relief zipper and the female(or as I prefer to call it, the all purpose) relief zipper. The female relief zipper costs more money(but you can get them with no relief zippers too and they are about 100 dollars less)

My wife
has the women’s Tropos and doesn’t like the zippered seat, says she would buy a men’s model if she had it to do again.

Palmequipment and Stohlquist, manufacturers often mentioned on this board both offer women’s sized dry suits. Unless your wife is long armed, big shouldered and small of hip and thigh, I think a suit designed for a woman is the way to go. After much deliberation of the measurements provided on manufacturers websites, I chose a stohlquist bPod (with booties) without a relief zipper and have been very pleased. Kayakproshop is offering a women’s bPod for $489 and on Ebay today there are Palm element Stikines offered for $325. If keeping toasty is an issue, make sure the size accomodates fleece undergarments.

Hope you get to paddle together in your drysuits.