Modern version of Old Town Katahdin 16?

Hi All,

My family and I are new to canoeing this season and loving it. We tried several different canoes and ended up purchasing a used Old Town Katahdin 16 from 1994 off Craigslist locally. It works really well for our needs. My question is we are looking to possibly get a second canoe and I’m wondering what would be a more recent version / equivalent of this model? I’m thinking the Camper 16? I’d like to find something similar in terms of hull shape regardless of material. The bow seat in this canoe seems to be very comfortable for my wife as opposed to some of the other recent OT models.

Camper 16
The Camper 16 would be the best choice. Specs are the same in terms of length/width/weight. It has the same seat and is very comfortable, great paddling boat.