Modifying Mako Saddles

I’ve just replaced the factory crossbars on my 2006 GMC Envoy with Thule Podium/Square load bars. The only problem is now it sits about 5 inches higher.With the Mako saddles on the bar it will not go into my garage. I have 4 pairs of Mako’s so the idea of putting them on and taking them off all the time is NOT appealing at all. I only need an 1 1/2"so I was thinking of cutting the tips of the Mako’s. Any reason this would be a bad idea?


Cut saddles won’t support the sides of the hull as well, depends much on what boat you’ll be using. Narrow boats don’t need as much side support and fat ones do.

Otherwise, no problem.

Just try to remember the kayaks won’t fit in the garage on the roof, easy to forget.

Bill H.