Modifying Nordkapp Cockpit

I recently got myself a used Nordkapp HS, with ocean cockpit, retractable skeg, and chimp pump. I found after several outings the fixed and rigid seat needs to be modified(problems with sciatic nerve.) Other modifications involve outfitting pads and braces that were nonexistent(except for some old glue residue.)

I eventually want to get rid of the chimp pump and create a day hatch behind the cockpit. Does any one have any advice for outfitting the cockpit and fixing the rigid seat? Should I outright remove it and shape a minicell insert, or leave it and overlay some foam(raising my center of gravity.)

I’ve also found some cracks near the foot brace screws. I’ve pondered removing the foot braces all together and inserting a foam block. How should I go about fixing or filling the cracks?

Looking for advice…removing glue, fixing seat, layout of cockpit, fixing foot braces, etc. any ideas or opinions would be appreciated.

You’re asking a mouthful. The seat problem is the toughest. I personally like the early Valley seats. I would try padding it a bit, otherwise you’ll have to replace it with a hard one or a mini-cell one. You can try to change the slant angle.

All your other concerns are no problem for any experienced builder who has experience with epoxy / fiberglass cloth etc. Hook up with someone like that or learn how to do glass repair. You can put in a day hatchÊand bulkhead. Epoxy and fortify the foot brace cracks and all that stuff. But to tell you exactly how to do it here would be a ridiculous long essay.

You can lower the seat…
…then add padding if necessary, but since lowering starts with cutting the seat out, you may as well try a foam seat once the stock seat is out. I lowered the seat on my old HM and can explain the process if need be.

It’s not terribly difficult to replace the Chimp pump with a day hatch on boats with a flat deck, but it could be a challenge on a Nordkapp unless you can find a deckplate that will fit in the stock pump recess. I haven’t tried that, so I can’t point you to any products that will work.