modifying roto tempest?

i think and look at my kayaks a lot. It struck me that if one chopped off the “FIN” in front and rear on the tempest 165, one would get a very banana shaped kayak.

A rough weather monster kayak? hehe Is it realistic to do such a modification with welding?

i have a friend thats quite good with welding , and i wouldnt mind learning it. I really like plastic kayaks…Thanks for any input.

A SUPERTEMPEST would be nice…

saw an outfitter
MaineBound at the University of Maine that modified rotomolded T-170s they removed the skegs and filled the empty skeg trunk with cement—I’m not sure why they did this–the person there couldn’t tell me–

you seek a Super Tempest
but all you’ll get is a banana

too much
rocker and she’s NOT as friendly as you’d think. If you heat the whole boat up to say 180 F you can re-shape the hull to have more rocker. I’ve done it and it works. I did it in one of the Mad River ovens. The first try I melted it too much…total loss. The next one worked. This was experimenting with junk boats.

I wouldn’t cut and weld. too risky.


sell and buy
If you do this the boat will have zero resale value, you’d have to give it to someone. If you want a different boat, sell it and buy what you want.

Bill H.

thanks steve , bill and others. That was what i suspected.

Dont misunderstand. As you know i love the tempest as it is, and got a pintail.

on the otherhand…

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ill have to get my hands on a T165 composite. Then...
i can transform it into a CYCLONE 165. Or keep it as it is.