Modifying whitewater kayaks

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Question for you...I want to modify the ends of a couple of whitewater kayaks. I want to cut away the original ends entirely and then attach a custom made composite end to the plastic kayak. How would one go about properly bonding kevlar to a poly whitewater kayaks? Any special adhesives or other advise?

just curious why you would want to replace the one part of a kayak that takes the most hits with a material that is more likely to break?

Never Read Of This Being Done

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I have googled different sites regarding plastic repair and welding. I strongly think it's not doable with the two diferent materials. Even welding plastic to plastic repair usually is left to some with the professional tools to do it.

I could absolutely be wrong and would love to hear others who know.

Mechanical attachment is the way that Wavesport does their Transformers to change the ends from short spud boat lengths to slicier playboating ends.

After all the effort you might want to cruise the classifieds for a boat that is more in line with what you want.

If it does work, email a picture. Always curious as to how paddlers innovate.

See you on the water,


Forget it. Your aims are not appropriate
and there is no adequate technology for attaching composite ends to poly kayaks. I favor composite boats, have done quite a bit of composite work, and I wouldn’t do it.

Even if you could do it (doubtful)
it is highly unlikely the result would be worth anything at all. Hull shape is is not an amateur enterprise.