Moditfy a keel ?

The Sawyer i just has keel damage warn through in places My primary use will be on rivers . Since i have to rebuild the keel why not change it ? My first thought from some one with no canoe experience but from a fabricator stand point would be support the keel from the floor side to keep what ever rocker that it has .

Than grind down keel that is very pronounced then re glass it making a mole hill out of a mountain

How does that sound ?


Sounds like it would work.
It also sounds like it would be easier to just buy a boat that’s suited to your intended form of use. You speak of rocker, but does the boat have any? I think most Sawyers did not, and in that case, it won’t be much of a river boat anyway.


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If it does its not much . My main interest is keeping from winding with neg rocker .You might say concave instead of convect LOL


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Google responds with subject line

can you find the keel line, lay a guide for straightness ? a series of U shaped foam lines glued down against the guide then laid over with glass strips.

fair in glass edges with gelcoat. Good luck with that.

Great link
Very inspiring .After seeing all that my problems are miner .

One more idea
If you have any concern that the bottom of the hull will bend upward in use, and as long as you are going to the effort to “re-locate” the keel to the inside, there’s something else you could do. You could build new reinforcing ridges on the inside of the hull, oriented crosswise to the keel. Basically, they would be ribs. I have no idea how many you would need, but a few of them would be far more effective at preventing the hull from bending inward than one long ridge on the keel line.

snort snort

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yeah I was amused ...just no tellin' what keels will drag into.

I have a flip up rudder and LO ! after a hard day at sea, approaching landing stretching out legs n gauging the wind...I FORGET THE RUDDER'S DOWN !

Skeg users are masochists. Read the Vancouver Island circumnavigation record attempt in around the bend n tore the #!2Q**& off.