modular kayak

I’m buying a first time kayak. Interested in a point65 tequila tandem modular kayak. as a senior citizen don’t want to trailer and don’t want to lift full boat on and off car top. anyone have any experience with this brand and model?


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Was hoping someone gave it a go and reported back :-(

Point 65 usually has pretty decent stuff.

Where else can you get friends together, literally

Options for weight are the simple, effective,
skin-on-frame designs available on the market.

not enough exposure to review, but…

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I don't have enough experience to say whether they are good or not. Do seem like decent connections and the pieces do make it more manageable (but none of the pieces are light).

But a side note - in the second video listed (, I am the second 2 last paddler (black paddle). That was from Outdoor Retailer 3 years ago.

They have since done a longer version with LL Bean - I think 100 paddlers. Must have been a beast to turn around. Was hard enough with the 9 or 10 we had.

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