Modular polyethylene float docks

I am working on a project to construct more kayak launches in my area and am researching different, better materials with which to do so. What do you think about a floating launch made of modular polyethylene? It would float above the water and there are sections that depress with the weight of a paddler. Has anyone ever used such a dock? Do you think it would damage a boat? I have only used the typical sandy beach or wooden dock (which destroy my kayak) and was hoping to get some additional input before one is considered for construction.


Jet Dock
There is a commercialy available dock that was designed for PWC’s that I have tried to use at Jane’s Island SP in Maryland. I’m not impressed. It requires too much weight to submerge it, and if you get up a head of steam and ram your bow up onto it you risk tipping (the dreaded rotisserie effect).

My vote would be for a dock that floats several inches or a half foot above water level. Of course, nothing beats a sloping sand beach.


There is one at a park
in my town, it will need replacing soon, I don’t know what the cost is, but I don’t think it is worth the money. It also is very schocking, when you walk on it and then touch the metal railing, you will got a good strong static shock, always. It’s also covered with goose poop, but that is a different matter.

I have used them before
and they work just fine. They are actually quite easy to get in and out of from a kayak b/c they sit so low in the water.

Additional input
I have been to several put-ins that are strictly for paddle craft that have a rubber mat ramp, (instead of concrete) and this work pretty good.

There was a nice one at the Turner River in Florida, but I don’t know if it is still there after the hurricanes.



I know the fella
that designed the Annsvillecreek put-in , it has a floating dock like ya described , no damage to boats landin , paddle hard onto it an if yer a lil in the water , a line on the dock and ya pull yerself further up , nice an dry . The outfitter that rents the space is–Bill Lasano–owner/op. If he can’t help ya mail me an I’ll hook ya up w/the designer .----M

Local crew team uses this modular system. Allows you to play legos on the water. Just the right height.

See you on the water,


There are a couple of them where I
kayak. No damage to boats and I think they work quite well. It takes some practice to get rolling out of your kayak onto the dock, but once you get that, they’re great. I much prefer them to boat ramps.

if any one can post pics of these
kayak friendly docks please do…

we are completing a kayak rack designed to hold 15 kayaks, a scull and a canoe and next is to make a kayak friendly dock 5 feet away…wont do any good until the thaw of course (currently 10F) but need to decide on plans now…would be nice if 2 kayaks can disembark at the same time and be no longer than 12 feet…

Thanks ahead for any plans/pics.

What kind are the soft plastic squares?
The low ones that wheeze when you step on a leaking one and are pinned together on the corners.

As an alternative (very effective, low cost and small space) to a modular poly dock for kayak launch at your dock see KayaArm at including videos. For kayak exit and launch away from your dock see KayaLeg at again including videos and be sure to check out photos of the development of KayaLeg OE