Mohawk 14 Sportline Canoe


I am looking around at small canoes and small tandem kayaks. I am going to get one or the other as a way to enable me to get my dog out with me. I saw a post the other day about Mohawk selling their company.

I visited their site and they apparently have some leftover inventory that they are selling at what seems to be great prices.

Has anyone ever paddled a glass version of their 14’ Sportline? It is billed as a tandem that is easily paddled solo, which is what I am looking for.



I do not know the particular model, but
14’ boats designed as tandems are by necessity wide, and therefore do not paddle well as solos.

It works a little better going the other way. My 14’ 6" Mad River Guide is about 29" wide, and can be paddled tandem by a SMALL (under 300 pound total) tandem team.

I read on about all sorts of people claiming to paddle 14’ tandems successfully solo. Well, it depends on what you call success, but I can run rings around them in my MR Guide, flatwater or whitewater.

Check out
the Wenonah Solo Plus. Great for either tandem or solo paddling with out sacrificing the speed.

Solo Plus

I took a look at the Wenoha site and could not find anything about a Solo Plus.


Solo Plus
Got to the home page of Wenonah’s web site.

Click to enter.

Click on “Canoes”

Click on “Models”

Scroll down to “Multi-Seat Canoes”

Mark, here’s the link

Thank You
Don’t know why I could not find it when I looked but I have just read about the Solo Plus. It does look like it might suit my needs for either a solo or a tandem nicely. Guess I will begin to look for one at the local shops and take a look in person.

thanks for the help,


Tom the Wenonah rep
in Greenville, SC has a demo boat he’s willing to sell. It’s in Royalex, has webbed seats, and it’s beige.

Hey Randy
I thought you were going to buy that boat?