Mohawk 16' kevlar solo

I need some information on my canoe that I just purchased.It is a Mohawk with the following dimensions: length 16’ beam at gunnels 25" beam at water line 28" bow 15" stern 11". Kevlar with gelcoat and weights in under 40 lbs. I contacted Mohawk with my hull # MN 74613E88 and all the information they could give me was that they thought that the model was a C-1. Any hep will be appreciated.

Jensen design
Mohawk had some Jensen designed boats back in the late 70’s early 80’s. I know for a fact they made the C1W the solo downriver model. I would have to look in some old Canoe buyers guide to be sure. If I remember I will take a look this weekend.

78 Buyers Guide
Lists it as the C1, 28" at water line, 26 1/2" gunnel width, 11 1/2" stern and 16" at bow. It was their flat water solo race boat at the time. Wenonoh made the same model. Both by Eugene Jensen.