I recently purchased a fiberglass 1979 17’ Mohawk Blazer and would greatly appreciate any info on this canoe along with the specs. I called Mohawk, but they no longer carry the fiberglass line or have any specs. available. Thanks

Blazer 17
Mohawk Canoe Co. was sold a while back and the new owner is not producing the old fiberglass line. I don’t have any specs to offer, but have been around a Blazer 17, some older friends of ours have one they purchased new ‘back in the day’. My friends are elderly so I’ve carried their canoe a few times and car topped it for them. It’s fairly heavy (guess you already know that by now), but not terrible. My friends really like their old Mohawk and report that it’s a stabile craft, they refer to it as an old friend… RK

try your library
just guessing, but if your library carries Canoe and Kayak (formerly canoe )magazine, look through the back issues for thier annual review (buyer’s guide)of boats - you’ll probably find it in there eventually.

Hi abstract
I own the Blazer 17 canoe. I pulled out the spec. sheet and this is what it says.

Length is 17’4"

Beam is 36"

Depth is 13"

Weight in fiberglass is 78 pounds but it seems heavier to me.

My Blazer has taken a licking and is still ticking.

Lots of bang for the buck. It’s been a good boat but is currently growing algae from lack of use.

I hope this is helpful.

Good luck!


Mohawk Blazer

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Mohawk Blazer


Weight: 75lb

Material: Fiberglass

Usage: Daytripper/Weekender

Widths: 36"/34"

Depth: 13"

Hull: Straight with rise at ends,shallow arch,flare

Cost (l985) $405.00

All Mohawk fiberglass canoes are built using multi-layer laminate of chopped & woven roving.
Select placement of layers in high wear areas.

Source of info.: Canoe magazine (1985) buyer's guide


Mine still seems heavier.

Nice canoe. I’ve had mine since
84. Its taken a lot of abuse, including teen aged boys and a large tree branch falling on it. After minor repairs, it continued providing service. I’ve not weighed it, but don’t believe the published weight figures. Don’t use it much anymore, loading my solo canoe or one of my yaks is much less of a strain.

Appreciate everyones input- you’ve been a great help. I’m in the process of restoring the finish ( a lot of wet sanding). I picked this up for my son and his family thru “Craigs List”- $100. Except for the oxidation, it’s in excellent shape. A bit on the heavy side, but it has nice lines and responds well to a paddle.