Mohawk Canoe Co.


To All Canoeists:

As you may or may not know, Mohawk Canoe Co. in Florida is for sale and may be closing up for good if not purchased. I only recently learned this and was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a saddle kit for a WW canoe I am out fitting.

I spoke with the owner’s son, who indicated there is a possibility that Winonah Canoe may purchase them, but this is not a done deal. In the mean time, all boat production is done and only a few actual boats remain for sale. However, accessories, like the saddle kit, remain for now. IF you ever thought you might want something from them as an accessory better call them now to get it.

As a canoeist, I’m particularly sad to see them go. My first canoe ever, a royalex Nova 16, was purchased from one of their dealers in Pennsylvannia in 1983 an it is still going strong, even after some major accidents. Their web-site is particularly informative about canoeing in general and has excellent information about royalex and setting up a WW canoe. I personnally recommend downloading a copy before it disappears. Next to Charlie Walbridge’s book on this subject, they are an excellent resource.

Gentlemen, my hat’s off to you. May the future bring you better times, hope to meet you on the river one day…

Phil in NJ

That rumor came up here 6 weeks ago.

I wonder if it is still rumor, or if there is something to it this time around. Probably not.

Might be real
Although I did not see any mention of the closing at Mohawk’s web site there are several canoes now listed as “not currently available” or wording to that effect. This suggests somethin’ goin’ on…

Mohawk made some great boats at reasonable prices and had the BEST customer service of ANY boat manufacturer I’ve ever personally dealt with. If Mohawk does indeed close or is sold to another company the paddling world will lose a nice line-up of boats and a very good company run by people who gave a damn – bummer. Randall

Telephone confirmation
Bought some air bags from them last week, and the person on the phone confirmed that they have stopped production of canoes and are negotiating the sale of the company.

Yup, strange happenings
Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Yup, after hearing about Mohawks iffy future I and another member of my paddling club bought a couple of Probe 12’s before it was too late. I wanted a Shaman but they were no longer available - ???. Hummm. They were not producing anymore boats so whatever is in stock was it. Through “informed” industry sources I also heard about Mohawk’s possible closing or sale. Doesn’t look good.

Fat Elmo

Just off the phone…
Tried to order a Royalex Odyssey 14 just a few minutes ago…too late!


I may never get to try a Solo 13 with
footbraces now. I think I’ve only seen a few used advertised over the last couple years.

What a drag!
I think they make the best heavy duty paddles in the industry. They are much quieter and nicer than other similarly strong rock bashing paddles.

Could not access their web site
Tried several time to access their web site but no luck. Was kind of hoping they would have a great deal on a canoe similar to Penob 16.


It just came up for me.
The site isn’t down yet.

Site Down
Wha Ho;

Coodn’t git de Mohawk site neither. Fond farewell ta Mohawk… it’ll be missed

Fat Elmo

Just logged on to
the Mohawk site. Too bad about loosing a good company.

Figured if anyone could get the site up
you would. :^) I, and several others have been trying all morning with no luck what-so-ever!

Is it still up for you?



got it

I just placed an order
they haven’t gone anywhere…

what did they have left?

My phone call on 12/9

– Last Updated: Jan-13-06 1:44 PM EST –

I phoned them on 12/9.

Tried to order a Mohawk Odyssey 14, because my wife thinks mine belongs to her. All the Odyssey 14s were gone.
They said that many models were sold out, but I guess you could call them & ask what they do have left, instead of speculating. Post their response on pnet.

Luckily, I got my new Probe last year.


P.S. I ordered a set of foot braces, 2 thwarts, and 2 sets of knee pads; got the usual friendly service, and my order arrived (in 3 days).

Just got off the phone with Mark
I ordered some end and center bags.

“We have been here 42 years and this is a very valuable business. We have several prospective buyers but no one has written a check yet.”

He sounded very certain that the business will be sold as a going concern. We can only hope.

As far canoes that are left, if they don’t have it, it is marked as “currently not available” on the web site. I was able to get on at around 6:00 this morning.

? Mohawk that is similar to
an O/T Penobscot. Anyone know or have a suggesstion on one before they close? Was kind of hoping they would have a great deal on a canoe similar to Penob 16

They still are selling paddles and acces
I got a paddle and some other stuff ordered yesterday. The website was down so i looked up there number and left them a message which they quickly returned.