Mohawk canoe in need of some TLC

So , the owner of the zoo I work at has this older Mohawk canoe that’s not been used for some time and has been exposed to tons of sun! I’m not sure of the exact materials, but Kevlar is in the description. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this model from the attach pics and can suggest how I can begin to revive this poor boat! Any advice is greatly appreciated! I have the Mohawk Nova 16 in Royalex myself and it’s been a great canoe, though the kids are all grown up and I’m kayaking now. Maybe I’ll post it!


Identification: From your photos I can say this:
You have a Mohawk Canoe, likely made in 1993, based on the serial number. It is in kevlar layup, it is quite likely a tandem canoe. I’d guess it to be about 16 + feet in length. You’re right; it’s been exposed to a lot of UV. It probably started out as red in color?

To help with identification:
Get it out from behind that shed. Spray the whole hull with Simple Green; then wait 30 minutes. Then scrub the whole hull down with a stiff bristled brush. Rinse and repeat application, scrubbing and rinse.
Sit canoe on the level ground and take photos with hull up, and hull down.

Suggest you inspect the whole canoe for cracks; especially where rivets are present. Inspect any wooden parts for rot. Inspect whole canoe for cracks, and holes. Does the hull flex when you push on it, or does it seem to be stiff, and perhaps brittle. Speaking for myself; I’d be “real concerned” about hull brittleness.

I’m pretty sure other will have input, and other options to suggest.

That’s a good start, and someone will likely ID the boat after you’re done. And you will have a much better idea of what you may be buying.


P.S. Based purely on what I see; I’d be “extremely” hesitant about buying that boat. I’d ease on down the road…

Blazer 16. Great boat, but the fiberglass ones were a little on the heavy side. Never paddled a kevlar one.

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I’m sorry I didn’t give more details…I’m not really tthinking of buying necessarily, I’m sort of just thinking of bringing back to life in my spare time. The owner is my employer / friend.

Spray it down, inside and out with a bleach and soap mixture, then put some elbow grease into it.

After half an hour or so, pressure wash it.

If nothing blows off of it, wet sand it with 220 paper and see how it looks. If nothing else, paint it.

I would advise extreme caution with old kevlar boats parked in the sun. I had one fall apart on me while I was paddling it.