Mohawk Canoe

Are they still in business? They never respond to calls or emails over a period of 3 months.

Have you?
Have you checked out their website lately?

They are no longer in Florida; they are now in Arkansas, and have a new phone number & email address.


Not Sure about that
Last time I checked Chattanooga was in eastern TN.

and their website has a forum

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I have emailed Bell, Wenonah and a canoe accessory mfr. No answer to emails at all (and they were not gripes)

Better to call..Tennessee 413. Their website has a map too confirming they are in Chattanooga just off I 24

I called them, wanting a special order
triple saddle, and they were most helpful. Agreed to a reasonable price, and it arrived soon after.

I Know
they moved. I tied a call about 2 months ago and another this past week. Maybe I should do an e mail. Still stuck in the age of personal phone conversation.

Last time I checked…

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Last time I checked their web site(this morning) they did indeed give directions to their location in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

BUT, they "also" gave directions to their location in

Tennessee/Arkansas; pick your preference.


I e-mailed them about
2-3 months ago and they responded within a day or so. Very helpful and professional. I haven’t bought a canoe from them yet, but I might at some point.

Chattanooga office is near me
As far as I know, they are still in business.

Of course, its hard to tell because I rarely see cars in the parking lot.

I dont have a Chattanooga phone book. Sorry. I moved across the line to Georgia.

Its 423 area code…not the 413 someone else mentioned.

They supposedly sponsored the recent canoe race here. Honestly, I saw no evidence of it other than their name printed on dry bags with everyone else who sponsored the race.