Mohawk canoe's material

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I have a Mohawk canoe made in the 80s. The model is Blazer 17. I know it is not fiberglass or any composite materials. Could it be made of Royalex? It is quite heavy (80 lbs).

Mohawk Canoes
The canoe you are talking about is a royalex inter/out skin with a foam center. These boats were made in the early days where improvements have been made now. The boat is then placed into heated mold and completed. Hardware is then added. some of the newer boats have a little bit of V bottom with some rocker. The V is not hindering in maneuvering. The gunwales made then were aluminum and to they are vinyl covered with a alum reinforcement. In repair work the newer materials are much better to work with. Good question.

Yorkie, you didn’t mean to imply that
recent Royalex is easier to repair than old Royalex? I’ve done repairs on both recent and old (1980) Royalex, and there isn’t any difference. The one thing to take into account is that old Royalex may be less ductile from age, that is, BRITTLE.

I have a late 80’s Royalex Blazer 16. Has aluminum (not coated) gunwhales and thwarts and what looks like fiberglass seats. It’s a wonderful boat. Heavy as hell, but it slices the water quite well. It’s fast for a Royalex tandem canoe.


My canoe is exactly how you described. The material still holds up very well. There is no hull flex even when an outboard motor is mounted. I can’t say the same for my Solo 14.

Overall, it is a very sturdy canoe with a shallow V bottom and decent handling. The only downside is the weight. Thanks a lot!

Mohawk hulls
g2d I stand corrected.

As for paddling other boats. I paddled the old Blue Hole hulls and I found they not as responsive to my stile of paddling. My Mohawk is my baby. I have owned three of them my now boat is an 84 model. My first one was midnight five finger discounted over the chain-link fence. All the rest are registered with the state and carry id’s. I ran in to trouble in surrounding states on registration so I registered them now. The other person about the medal gunnel’s. They are not available now but you can find the vinyl covered one for replacement. They are easy to install as well as the vinyl deck plates. I ordered them from Mohawk but I see they are in business again.

Wood gunnel’s are not to hard to make and can be made attractive looking in using the proper finishes. Research the wooden boat www site.

Lots of rain this week and that means river time here.