Mohawk Canoes now to be found in TN

Firstly, I do not wish to cause offence with my first post. If the commercial nature of it offends some of you then please, email me rather than post; if the community does not like it then an ignored posting will die and sink off the pages of quickly.

I want to let the members of this community know that Mohawk Canoes is now fully located and operational out of our new facilities in Chattanooga, TN. Since the company was sold a few years ago our business was split across a few locations, having vacated Mohawk’s birthplace and longtime home of Longwood, FL. The split venues were not an ideal situation; we know that issues from that set of circumstances inevitably caused some consternation amongst some paddlers.

Those issues have now been resolved. If you happen to be in the area or traveling through we would love to show you around and help you with any queries you might have. If you are distant, we are available on the phone and on numerous places on the internet. Which is why I am posting here.

If anyone has a direct question about our boats, our company or our methods, then I offer myself to you as a representative of Mohawk. If the intentions of this thread are appropriate then I look forward to engaging with current, potential and opposed Mohawk customers, keeping topics related to our products in one place.

Mohawk is entering a new era. It is a chapter we would like to share. I hope there is enough of a mutual feeling for our presence here to be seen as the attempt to reach out to the people who matter, the paddlers, rather than an overt and crass attempt to huck product.



I’d kind of lost track of you guys over the past couple of years. Hope you’ll stick around and contribute because I’m sure you could add a lot to the discussion.

I don’t know you or the new company, but I have to admit to being a Mohawk fan - at least for the old Mohawks. I have an old Whitewater 16 that I use as a tandem boat and for poling

My father bought it back in 1989, and I have fond memories of paddling it with him. Its a little heavy by today’s standards, but a great boat that’s built like a tank. Even if I didn’t have a sentimental attachment, I don’t think I’d ever part with it.

You don’t see many Mohawks boats up here in New England. Whitewater boats are a little more common (old XL’s and Probes), but even those are pretty rare. You have a great brand with a lot of potential - I wish you the best of luck. Anything we can do to get people in canoes is a good thing.

Somehow you need to get your boats out there for people to paddle. I’d love to try a Probe or a Viper, but there aren’t many/any around. On-line ordering is convenient, but I can’t get to Chattanooga for a test paddle.

yeah, welcome back I hope
I know a few guys from the New Jersey area who have older Mohawks, and it was nice to have a company making the variety of open boats you guys did and hopefully do.Hopefully this isn’t another false alarm; I read the nanty demo booth or van was pretty vacant last June (?) and a lot of single bladers were wondering what was going on. There was a lot of buzz in the ww single blade commununity about you guys; hope you’re back for good.

Yeah what Erik said, demo van up here in the NE would be good, and generate belief in what you say.

Mohawks are still very popular
in central Florida. We bought two 16 ft Blazers (the first was stolen and we replaced it) from Mohawk in Longwood. Daryl and Betty were fine folks; they and their canoes were very respected in this community.

Best wishes to you, just wish you had continued the operation here.

Wha Ho, Pilgrim
Good luck wit yer business. Ah’ gots one o’ de last Probe 12’s dat wuz made in Longwood an’ know quite a few Mohawk owners in de Joisey area. Yup! As de preeveeus folks said yer gots ta git some demos out thaar.

Fat Elmo

It is good to see you on the board and great to hear that Mohawk is alive and well.

Thank you
There have been occasional questions popping up here about the status of the new Mohawk. It’s good to know that Mohawk’s situation is getting better, and your message seems to indicate that the new owners really intend to “make this thing work”.

Thanks for posting
It’s good to hear of the new Mohawk’s commitment to continue the tradition. Open boaters need all the options we can get. Best of luck and much success.

This is useful information and advice
and, even as the official policeman of forums, I have no objection to it. Not that it ever hurts for posters to consider ALL forums, and to ask, where does their post fit best.

Good to hear you guys are still around
and in the US.

You should sign up for my course,
“Which Reply Button to Push in Order to Converse With the Original Poster and Not the Last Turkey in the Thread.”

do you
still have any of the Molds for some of the composite go fast boats?

So glad you posted this info.
My first solo canoe was a Solo 13 that I bought in Oct. 1994. I still have it and recently re-painted it. We, also, have a Challenger and an old fiberglass tandem. I hope you have great sucess.

…hundreds of miles less…from the NE
Sounds great,

They’re within a paddling wacko’s 1 day_drive from NewEngland…I say WaaaHooo!

So just what was wrong with long wood Florida? i mean why move in the first place?

Thank you!

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I'm glad to read the positive responses. Mohawk may have been on the down-low for a couple of years but now we have all our ducks in a row we are going to be becoming more and more visible in the boating world.

The move from Longwood happened as a result of the company changing hands. Over the last couple of years I've heard an appreciable number of laments from old Mohawk customers that they can no longer get a boat from Longwood, but times do change. Saying that, we continue to support a lot of old Mohawks down there and the name lives on in the large number of new boats we now ship down there.

We hope to set ourselves up with a small network of dealers so people can try our boats out locally. The move to Chattanooga puts us in the middle of some of the best whitewater rivers in the world, but we are not forgetting all our recreational customers either.

We are building up a team of paddlers who you should see at rivers across the nation this year.

We are also looking forward to introducing some new materials for our whitewater boats and because we have the plugs for all the old Mohawks, plan on resurrecting a few classic models too.



PS - if the subject material would find this thread better placed elsewhere please move it.

This post ain’t worth $&!^ without pix
Sam, U otter post[on here] your pic from Huckfest.

One of the coolest

More on the “new materials?”

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As for the "new materials for our whitewater boats," I've read a little bit about it on another paddling forum. I remember it described as significantly lighter than Royalex. Is this new material reserved for the pure WW boats or will we see it in the Solo/Odyssey too?