Mohawk Canoes... Priced incredibly well

I was just looking at the classfiveboats website where they make Mohawk fiberglass canoes and I have got admit, for fiberglass boats their prices are great! I mean, as low as $635 for a 17’4 75 lbs boat… that’s incredible!!!

Now I know in life usually the saying you get what you pay for applies… So I was wondering if anyone had CONS I should know about. I am wondering how many layers of 'glass other companies fiberglass canoes usually have; or something that might tell me why the price point on this canoe seems so darn good! Thanks!

No Dealers
I believe Mohawk only sells direct to the customer so there is no dealer markup but you do need to figure the shipping cost into your final boat price. Their white water boats are great but I have no experience with their fiberglass layup boats. Another point of interest is that their outfitting store shows the final price that includes shipping. I wish more online stores would do that.

They aren’t Mohawks!
The canoes aren’t built by Mohawk - Class Five bought the molds from Mohawk. The only similarity is the design.

Joel Flather did the same thing with Compass Cayak - bought the Rushton molds. But he never claimed to be making Rushtons.

Methinks Class Five is pushing the limits of truth in advertising. They also say their boats are Coast Guard approved, but the Coast Guard does not approve boats.

I don’t see how they can make quality hand-laid fiberglass canoes at the prices on their website unless they’re using convict labor.

Pushing the limits?
Why? The Mohawk Canoe website links to Class Five Boats for their fiberglass canoes. So clearly Mohawk approves of all this. No funny business. It seems to me more of a case of Mohawk outsourcing their fiberglass and kevlar work to concentrate in-house production on Royalex/R-84. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping the brand “Mohawk” on canoe that are Mohawk designs and built to Mohawk specs. Happens all the time in other outdoor industries (and I’m thinking mainly of bicycels here). At least they are being honest about whom is manufacturing their boats. And at least Class Five isn’t in China.

Old designs
Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the Blazer has been around for a long time. With the design and tooling paid for decades ago, they must be relatively low-cost to produce. Couple with no dealer overhead and no marketting to speak of, and it seems like a pretty low overhead operation. The Class Five prices for their kevlar canoes are in line with Millbrooks’ prices. Millbrook is another low overhead, no marketting operation. Looks legit to me.

Having said all that, I don’t have any personal experience with Class Five manufactured canoes and the fit and finish might not be to the same standard as Wenonah, Bell, et all.

Website Link

It says they use 2 layers of fiberglass… Is that standard for other companies??

I Too was in the market for a lightweight decent quality canoe in the sub 45lbs weight for my wife (100lbs), daughter 55lbs and growing) , myself 190lbs and pup 22lbs. So 400lb capacity let’s say.

I came across class five website for boats under $1700 . This seems like a good price. Has anyone tried these? I am very close to buying one.

You might give them a call. I looked at their facebook page and the most recent activity appeared to be from November of 2018. Might just mean they aren’t into social media, but that would certainly be an exception these days. Hopefully they are still going strong!

You will be taking a chance if you buy one. I can’t even tell what they are made from by looking at their website. It says they specialize in FRP…Fiber Reinforced Plastic. The marble-looking interiors look to be either plastic or chopper gun. Maybe the fiberglass or Kevlar cloth is in the cheap/flat deck plates. They say they use hull reinforcements…sounds like a Coleman. The website is goofy…saying the Kevlar boats come with webbed seats and ash trim and then saying webbed seats and ash trim add weight. For your budget you can buy a high quality used canoe in great shape.