Mohawk Canoes

Has anyone had dealings with Mohawk Canoes since they moved from Longwood, Florida?

I purchased a Solo 14 in Royalite (R-84) from them some years ago. There customer service and quality were outstanding.

I sold the Solo 14 and kept an OT Guide (heavy tank) because my wife wanted to canoe with me. Guess how long that lasted? (1 hr.) I loved my Solo 14 and want to get another one.

I have read somewhere their quality and service have gone south with their move north. Any personal experience with quality or service from Mohawk?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

Keep the open side up :~) Dave

Have you read this thread?

Some who have recently purchased boats from Mohawk have been very satisfied with the product and service, but others have not.

Read through the other pnet thread and the thread on which I referenced. If I were contemplating buying a boat from Mohawk right now, I would call them up and ask them to explain the condition of the new Mohawk boat shown in the video referenced on the other thread.


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See May 6th thread posted on this forum, titled Mohawk Canoes for a start.