Mohawk Canoes

Any thoughts on this brand of canoe. I have not been able to find anything terribly negative thus far.

As indicated in another thread: this is for husband wife tandem use on flat lakes and moderate/mild rivers. Some solo fly fishing use anticipated.

See an Mohawk Intrepid 16 Royalex at a very good price.

Worthy of my consideration, or is the price reflective of the quality?

I have a 20 year old Mohawk
Its a Whitewater 16 - built like a tank. Can’t speak to the quality of the new boats, but I haven’t heard any complaints.

fine brand
Mohawk is a fine brand, no worries there. I’m not familiar with that particular canoe, however.

I own 3 Mohawks that I purchased new from the old Florida based company. They were great to deal with. No problems or complaints, very pleased.

I can say from recent personal experience the new company does not have the same standards as the old.

Was not impressed and after being horsed around for two weeks ended up cancelling my order. Since have learned of quite a few problems and complaints from others.


I cant speak for the newer models
but an older Mohawk Intrepid 16 did fine on the Seal River Manitoba on a ten day trip.

Probably more important is the care the canoe got since purchase.


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Over the years I have owned & paddled a Mohawk Probe 12, Mohawk Probe 12 II, Mohawk Odyssey 14, Mohawk XL 13, and a Mohawk Solo 14.
I was very happy with all of those except for the Solo 14. It was in their lightweight, R-84 layup; too flimsy in my opinion.
I always got great customer service from them; they always seemed helpful, and willing to take the time to assist me.

All the models I owned came from Mohawk(the old company), when they were still operating out of Florida. I have not heard very much about the new operation, but what I have heard has not been very positive. Problems getting what you ordered in a timely manner, and quality of the boats have been the issues I heard discussed.
With regard to quality; I have heard that the newer whitewater boats will not take the abuse that the old ones did.


Love my Solo 14.
I got the extra lite Royalex and I would go with regular royalex if ordering again. Still, this boat is at least 10 years old and has seen some HARD use. It looks like someone stabbed a knife through the front of my hull. Not sure if vandals entered the yard or I hit a river obstacle. Seems I would have noticed that post-ride inspection, as I always take care to completely clean all boats before racking. Fixed it easily with some glass and cloth. I expect many more years from it. This thing is a surfing maniac. I can surf on any detectable sign of a sworl. Great fishing boat and only 40 lbs.

Buy it!
That was the boat Roger Corbett paddled. Author of Virginia Whitewater, he is pictured on the cover of the book in his Intrepid. I was one of many Roger took under his wing and I often refer to him as “my canoeing mentor.” Dead now, Roger paddled 50 rivers a year when he was in his 70s, and I never saw him in any other boat. I’d buy it if it was for sale in my neighborhood.