Mohawk Challenger 1988?

I’m mostly a kayaker, but love to canoe also. Every boat has it’s place. I recently purchase a canoe from craigslist,it is a 1988? MOHAWK CHALLENGER. The only reason I know maybe what it is, I spoke to the people at Mohawk and by giving them the serial number they were able to give me some basic information.

What I would like to know is if anyone has ever owned or now owns one of these canoes. I’m looking for information about the boat for instance what the canoe was built for (characteristic)? What you like about it and don’t like about it? ETC …I did google search and could not find anything. Any information would be grateful appreciated.

This is a good expedition solo canoe. I would own one if one came along. Comfortable and capable of running easy whitewater.

The Challenger was I believe a Gene Jensen designed WW solo boat…but this was the early eighties, so a WW solo boat was more of a downriver runner than a playboat like nowadays. The Odyssey is an updated version of it. Would be a great river tripper, general river running hull. A good fishing platform too.

I think you’ll like it.