Mohawk Fiberglass Canoe

I am looking at a 16 foot mohawk fiberglass canoe. Seller is asking $250.

Appears to be in good shape but for some damage to the front – see photo below. The damage looks to be minor. Does it seem likes something that can be fixed/patched without too much difficulty?

I wouldappreciate any rhoughts.

Thanks in advance.

If that is the only damage it does look minor and easy to repair.

Agreed. A little epoxy and you’re ready to go.

If you don’t mind the color difference the small tubes of JB Weld will do the trick it dries a dark grey, but can be painted.

It looks to me (from the green over-brush on the Mohawk label) as though there may be repair under paint near the bow. I have seen pockets such as the one in your photo where the filler did not bond and partially detached. Is the inside of the canoe open for inspection, or is there a float tank? If it was repaired, it would be nice to know how extensive the damage was. There is nothing wrong with a repair, as long as it’s done properly, and shouldn’t keep you from buying if the price is right.